Nuvoganics IS ONE OF THE POSSIBLE BUSINESS MODELS TO LAUNCH IN AN UBUNTU VILLAGE. It has created proprietary technology to grow indoors, from vegetables to cannabis, faster and more economical. The technology has been proven for vegetable and hops.

Due to the venture being located in Dallas, TX for a year, experimenting with cannabis growing was not realistic. Now being transplanted to Tampa, the opportunities for growing in Florida are now possible with the passing of Medical Marijuana licenses.

Our Grow Technology utilizes:
  • 1) Proprietary LED power controller to power our custom LED arrays at 50% less electricty
  • 2) Growing in super-soils, organic-rich soil with microbes (not hydroponics)
  • 3) Liquid organic fertilizer - brewed in small batches (not hydroponics)

We are able to utilize our grow-tech (organic super soil + LED lighting controller and custom LED arrays + organic liquid fertilizer) for growing Cannabis for Medical Marijuana (CBD)

The business model is to create indoor organic farms that provide for the community and generate revenue through selling memberships for the local/organic produce, similar to CSA.