Gachi is one of the possible business models to launch in an Ubuntu Village. It is a vertically integrated fashion venture that creates innovative, made to measure, fashion apparel and accessories, sold directly to the consumer, to allow the consumer to mix and match to their style.

We will use high quality fabrics not normally available to the middle market, at affordable prices.

The business model is a membership/subscription paid model that allows members to :

1) Purchase Made to Measure items at member prices

2) Access to video library to learn about fashion, design, and style

3) Feedback from stylists on style suggestions for the member

Sales are achieved from these possibilities: local showroom, factory showroom, kiosk in mall, internet.

Non-members are able to purchase at non-member pricing with incentives to become a member.

Each Ubuntu Village community will offer opportunities to learn how to sew. Those that have volunteered and achieved a level of proficiency are able to be hired for work in the factory.

Each Gachi factory in an Ubuntu Village is a Micro-Factory. Through order-routing, we are able to send orders to Gachi factories that are under capacity. Rather than create one large sewing factory, we create these micro-factories so that each community gains in the success and profit-sharing. Each factory is estimated to employee around 50 full time sewing staff (at peak production) and 50-100 volunteers.