ExtraHand IS ONE OF THE POSSIBLE BUSINESS MODELS TO LAUNCH IN AN UBUNTU VILLAGE. It is a service to help people with their busy lives. From picking up groceries and dry cleaning to looking for a handyman, we help you manage your limited time, by providing you with an extra hand.

As a Service Finder, ExtraHand helps to connect you with contractors in areas like plumbing, electricians, handyman, house cleaning, dog walkers, etc. When you have a problem, we have skilled service providers ready to help.

Community members are able to learn from Masters, the skills of the trade that will eventually allow the community to create contractor businesses under the Ubuntu Village model. The system allows for non-community service providers to participate, with the contractor receiving their portion of the billing, while a fee is received by the venture.

We offer additional services like semi-prepared meals. Services like Blue Apron have demonstrated that consumers want help with the struggles of time management in finding groceries and determining what they want to eat. As a member of the ExtraHand service, you can pick up the "meal of the day", that includes all the necessary ingredients to make the exact number of portions that you need.

Recipes and videos on how to cook the meal are provided that allows for home cooking, time savings, and delicious meals.

The Food Service part of the business is connected to the Indoor Organic Farm (Nuvoganics) for the produce and herbs. Relationships with organic livestock farms will be established to offer the highest quality meats.