About Us

Brandon - Founder

Brandon is a Purdue graduate in Computer Technology and has been in the computer field for the last 31 years. His specialty is designing and developing large-scale web applications and internet marketing. He is a self-taught sewer and pattern maker with a passion for fashion. He is an inventor with an awarded patent. The concept of Ubuntu Village is a mixture of many ideas, most notably his concept a few years to develop a community-based venture capital fund and the work by Michael Tellinger on Contributionism.

Marisu - Co/Founder

Marisu has been active in the Fashion Industry for the last 20 years. She is a third generation fashion designer from Spain. She taught fashion design for 10years. For the last 12 years she is the owner-operator of Queen's Fabric, a fabric store and design studio for custom made dresses.

There is a large team of people (Brennan, Debra, etc) who are in support of the Ubuntu Village concept. With funding, we will be able to bring together the team to help in the success of the first venture and the expansion into as many town, cities, and countries as we can.