Jun 28, 2018

Opportunity Zones in Florida

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Florida has designated Opportunity Zones that offers tax benefits to investors. Below are the areas in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties that are of interest to us. Please see the article Benefits to Investors in OpZones.

While these capital gains tax breaks do help to encourage investment, many investors may still shy away from investing in these opportunity zones, as they are similar to enterprise zones. If a neighbor is in poverty and economically depressed, the property may go into further disrepair and not utilized.

We feel like this Tax Break that was enacted by President Trump in December 2017 was written for us. Our business model is to go into economically depressed areas. The identified Opportunity Zones become our target areas for the Ubuntu Villages. Real Estate investors can now partner with us by purchasing a property and putting it into a Real Estate Trust with Ubuntu Innovations. We agree to a buy-out price for 2026 that allows for 0% capital gains on the profits of the sale of the building. Our ventures would be occupying 100% of the real estate, generating income that covers the installment payments.

With the deferment and reduction of capital gains, investors who liquidated assets to purchase property in an Opportunity Zone will gain immediate benefits to participation in our rejuvenating development.

Hillsborough County (click PDF or Web to view information)

Tract 26 [pdf] [web]

Tract 31 [pdf] [web]

Tract 45 [pdf] [web]

Tract 32 [pdf] [web]

Tract 43 [pdf] [web]

Tract 34 [pdf] [web]

Tract 42 [pdf] [web]
(Armature Works)

Tract 35 [pdf] [web]

Tract 29 [pdf] [web]

Tract 39 [pdf] [web]

Tract 51.01 [pdf] [web]

Tract 33 [pdf] [web]

Tract 30 [pdf] [web]

Tract 136.04 [pdf] [web]

Tract 40 [pdf] [web]

Pinnellas County (click PDF or Web to view information)

Tract 246.02 [pdf] [web]

Tract 216 [pdf] [web]

Tract 219 [pdf] [web]

Tract 212 [pdf] [web]

Tract 208 [pdf] [web]

Tract 205 [pdf] [web]

Tract 287 [pdf] [web]

Tract 206 [pdf] [web]