Ubuntu Innovations is a venture capital firm. We receive capital from investors, and we create and fund our own ventures in Ubuntu VIllages from a wide variety of developed business plans. With the capital gains tax breaks now offered to investors from the IRS, we are a Opportunity Fund.

As an Opportunity Fund, Innovations receives capital from investors, and invests on their behalf in ventures we create and manage, providing oversight and guidance.

We offer 25% profit sharing to investors where their capital was utilized. After all expenses and taxes have been deducted, the remaining profit pool is divided four ways. Investors receive 25% of the profit pool in the form of monthly dividends.

If more than one investor capital is used, the 25% profit sharing is split by the percentage of investment to the total investment

Investors receive profit sharing for the lifetime of the business within the Ubuntu Village.

The workers in the community receive 25% of the Profit Sharing pool in the form of additional bonuses.

Community workers - volunteer minimum of 3 hours per week to receive (for free) goods/services created by the community. Training to learn new skills is provided at no cost for their participation with the intention to being Full Time workers.

Full Time workers - receive above minimum wage payment and profit sharing to sustain their full time involvement